Our Leaders

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Our Leadership

Chartered Org Representative

Jason Scott


Craig Ficik

Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM)

Jeff Handwork

Bob Rodes

Chet Touton

Jay Janco

Tim Geopfert

Shane Clinton

Dan Beatty

George Hall

Alan Adcock

Ryan Keepers

Noel Weimer

Stacy Sepeda

Chris Muly

Committee Chair

John Hannah

Committee Members

Caroline Freeman - Treasurer

Marcela Clinton - Secretary

Lori Ficik - Membership

Trey Kinard - Membership

Christine Forrester - Summer Camp

Rolf Erickson - Advancement

Paige Janco - High Adventure

Laura Katz - Health & Safety

Ron Lev - Equipment

Neelam Hedge

Tejal Patel