Parent Involvement

A BSA Troop is a volunteer-run organization.  We honor the role our parents play in their son’s lives, and we expect that commitment to carry over into your son’s Scouting life. 

This page outlines the two basic ways a Parent should expect to contribute to the Troop:

Your Role as a Scout Parent:

The following is a basic set of expectations for each of our families: 


It is often said that, “Many hands make light work.”  Your participation can come in many forms. Attendance in support of weekend campouts, providing needed transportation, joining us at Summer Camp, fundraising, service or even food preparation activities; the list goes on. Together, we can determine in what capacity you can best support the Troop and your Scout. We need and must require your active participation for two very important reasons:

Youth Protection

All registered leaders, including "Uniformed" Leaders, Committee Members, and Merit Badge Counselors are required to be Youth Protection Training (YPT).  Non-registered adults going on outings for 72 hours or more (such as summer camp) must take the new YPT (the 72 hours are cumulative, not consecutive).

Quick Link:  BSA Youth Protection Website.

Quick Link:  BSA Youth Protection Barriers to Abuse and Reporting

There are a variety of jobs that must be done to keep Troop 431 running smoothly. Some require a bit more time; others are more occasional and less demanding in nature. If you choose to participate in a Committee or Leadership role, training or mentoring is available for the following positions:

Adult Leadership:

We have a number of "Uniformed" Roles, including Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster.  These are the front line guides, mentors, and instructors. 

Troop Committee and Roles:

We have a number of vital, easily manageable roles in the Troop in which parents can actively contribute.  

Merit Badge Counselors:

One of the easiest and most impactful contributions all parents in the Troop can make is to become a Merit Badge Counselor.  With so many Merit Badges, there are plenty of Merit Badges that will match your unique skills, experience, and interests.  Please ask a Leader to find out which Merit Badges the Troop needs specific help with and which ones might match your interests and skill sets.

Events, Projects, and Campouts:

To support the Scoutmasters and Committee, parents may also get involved in events or short-term projects, such as:

Board of Review

Upon completion of the requirements for a new Rank, each Scout sits for a Board of Review.  The Boards are held at the weekly Troop meeting and are comprised of Committee Members (i.e., non-uniformed parents in attendance).  The Board's purpose is to test the Scout's knowledge of the particular Rank Requirements, engage them in conversation about their activities and Scout experience, and approve his completion of the requirements.  In addition to completing their Rank, This is a great opportunity for Scouts to build their communications skills, self-confidence, and professional interactions.

Click Here to navigate to a list of our current leadership,  the Troop structure and positions, and a list of regular and ongoing meetings, events, and activities that Parents can attend and contribute to: