(See below for how to create a shortcut on your mobile device)

The Troop uses for administration of the troop, including: 

All Scouts and their Parents should have an account to connect with the Troop.

Parent Accounts:

After joining the Troop, Parents will receive an email with a link to create an account. Within their account, they will be linked to their son's account to give parents access, visibility, and control of their son's online activity.  Parents will then need to create a separate account so their Scout can also have direct access.  


New Parent Tutorial:

Parent Tutorial:   This includes how a parent can access and use their ScoutBook Account, tutorials on the features of ScoutBook, and how to grant your Scout access to their own account to (a) receive Troop communications, (b) access the Calendar, and (c) manage their Rank Advancements and Merit Badges.

Tutorials for how to use the rest of ScoutBook:

List of all ScoutBook Tutorials:  [Click Here]

ScoutBook Tutorial for Parents.pdf
2c.1 Granting a Scout Access to Scoutbook.pdf

Youth Accounts:

After logging into their own account, parents have to grant access for their Scouts to  have an account.  The Steps are as follows:

Creating a Shortcut for your mobile device, BSA Scouting APP

For quick access, you can put an icon on your device's home screen which will act very much like an iOS or Android app:

BSA has also released a mobile application for Parents and Youth to use (no leader approval functions)  Below are the links to download it on your mobile device. 

Tracking Your Advancements in your Handbook AND ScoutBook:

We have moved to the online advancement tracking software, Scoutbook, where you can view your Scout’s advancement progress easily. However, keeping the log up to date in your Scout Handbook is still of extreme importance, especially for Eagle Scout documentation. Although Scoutbook is owned by the BSA, your Scout Handbook is the only official advancement record – please keep it safe and up to date. Periodically taking and storing pictures of the Rank Advancement pages of your Scoutbook as well as you Merit Badge Blue Cards is also a good practice.

For merit badge, camping or service log entries, parents can enter those in Scoutbook (subject to being approved by a Troop adult leader), or just snap a photo of updated entries and email it to the advancement coordinator (

FAQ's about Scout Accounts, Parental Control, and Online Safety: