Board of Review

Please use the form below and don't email someone for a conference. You will be directed back here.

Board of Review Preparation

  1. The Board of Review is the last step for your Rank advancement
  2. Once you have completed all other parts of your Rank (including the Scoutmaster Conference), write your name on the left hand white board in scout hut. The one that says BOR. Note if there is a name on the board you MUST write your name in under that one.
    • You may also fill out the form below to request a Board of Review.
  3. While a Board of Review should be done on advancement night, we do try to accommodate at Monday meetings where possible.
  4. On the night you will be doing a BOR you should see the BOR coordinator, who will then set up the Board.
  5. You must have the following with you for a BoR and will be verified by the BoR Coordinator:
    • Full class A uniform, includes socks, belt and neckerchief.
    • All your requirements have been properly signed off and are entered into Scout Book.
    • Your Patrol Coach has approved all requirements.
    • You have your Scout Handbook
    • You have your Red book.

Remember: Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

Why do you need your Red Book? Simple, if we don't have a Merit Badge recorded for you. You will have your copy in the book, right? (Trick question, answer should be YES)... If you don't bring your book, then we can't verify the merit badge. Unfortunately, at that point we can't give you a Board of Review until the requirements are met. Bring your book, avoid the issue.