Google G-Suite

Google Apps for Non-Profits (Now known as G-Suite) 

Have you used Gmail, Google Calendar?  Well your sort of familiar with G-Suite.  Most likely the version you have used are the consumer version of the applications.    Did you know there is an enterprise version of well?   You've probably heard of or used Microsoft Office 365,  Google has their competitive version as well called G-Suite.   It offers the following applications for all our members to use free of charge, all of which is tied to our domain

All of these powerful applications are available to any member of Troop 431.   The biggest difference between the consumer version and the Non-profit/Enterprise version of G-Suite is how the data is stored and made available.  G-Suite is what is termed as a Closed or Private Cloud and means simply that by default no one has access to the data unless granted access.   Interested in learning more about their security and data protection measures?   Click Here 

Apps are available one Android and IOS for most applications mentioned above.

Troop G-Suite Accounts

Each youth when joining the Troop is issued an email address.    This is your Scouts user id for access to certain resources.    The account has also been setup to send any email messages directed to your scout's address to all registered guardians.    The subject line is modified to include the following:

[T431:Scout Name] 

This appearing in the subject line is your indication that an email message has been sent to your Scout.   This is required by BSA Youth Protection and can't be removed while your scout is under 18 years of age.  

If your need help connecting your Scout to his gmail account please email for assistance.

Training is available from the G-Suite Learning Center.   Click here to access it....